3 Designs 3 Different Markets

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Pedro González Studio
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: Spain

3×1: The importance of a differentiated design to guarantee sales in different markets

A product with three very different presentations. Three designs for three markets with nothing in common. Three different brands which share product, glass and cap. All in two versions: white and pink. National vs foreign market; department stores vs restaurants. Or about how naming, the characteristics of the packaging, the distribution, the price or the kind of consumption define the final design of a brand.

This was the challenge presented by the Anecoop winery to the Pedro González Studio. The initial order consisted of preparing three different designs for a product. The product was a low-proof moscato, only 5% alcohol, of easy consumption as an appetizer and mainly aimed at a female market.

At the studio, the three projects were carried out in parallel, which allowed them to isolate the characteristics of each, strengthen them and thus obtain a unique and differentiated image for each presentation.

The three projects share the same Borgoña bottle, its green design for white wine and the transparent one for the pink wine. They all had a Stelvin screw cap. From the beginning, they suggested a common die and adjusted for the three designs, where the front and back label could be worked in one piece, a measure which allowed the reduction of the manufacturing costs of the three models.

Three destinations, three markets: first, the Spanish restaurants; second, the big European department stores; and third, the North-American markets.

Thus were Viña Tendida, Amatista and NY Hood born. Although the three brands have been conceived to share the same wide, short and long Borgoña bottle and use the same die for the label, their designs are specific to the needs of each market. A good example of how a design and a presentation can modify the sales of a product and adapt it to one of the markets it’s aimed at.

Viña Tendida
The design of Viña Tenidida is intended for a wine consumed in private: in restaurants, dinners, lunches or celebrations. Therefore, it had to convey an image of sobriety, elegance, a cosmopolitan look, with a story to tell. The final label is a passport with stamps of imaginary trips. A motif which is used as a pretext to tell a story or start a conversation in good company.

Its design has been conceived to compete in the large department stores, where the competition is ferocious and you can only stand out with a potent, carefully thought out and evocative image. Women tend to have the last word when buying wine, and in this case they came up with a floral collage as a reference to the characteristics of the wine: fresh, fruity and floral flavours. Packaging and product merge in a unique passionate message.

NY Hood
In this case, their consumers were across the pond, in the USA. There, the visual codes are different; it’s a different market, younger and with less tradition but more used to fresh presentations with screw cap wines or in boxes. This is the reason why they went for a fresh image, through a illustration and a homemade typography, which conveyed a very familiar metropolitan image.