Schweppes Shard (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Josefine Björkman
School: Billy Blue College Of Design
Country: Australia
Type of work: Student Project

Shard is a fiction extension of Schweppes, providing cocktail flavoured ice blocks that are both a drink mixer and an ice cream. The shards is packaged as a party pack for you to bring your favourite cocktail flavoured ice shards to your next pool party to enjoy on a hot summer day. To consume as cocktail, just add spirits.

The packaging is considering environmentally aspects of material and reusability. The packaging is therefor reusable as an ice tray for both long and short drinks. To get the party started, shard provides a limited Spotify party mix with the latest hits.

The goal of the project was to communicate and create a natural and cohesive extension of Schweppes as brand whiles creating an interesting and usable packaging.