Creative Agency: Dossier Creative
Client: Vega
Location: Canada and U.S.A.
Project Type: Commercial Work

Vega specializes in plant-based, whole-food nutritional supplements for active people. Their line of convenience bars had expanded and evolved over the years into multiple sub-brands, resulting in the need for a unified brand presence. They partnered with us to rebirth the Vega family of bars with a distinctive packaging design that would communicate a consistent brand story, plus the benefits of the bars and their new and improved formulations.

In such a highly competitive category, shelf presence is as critical for market success as generating buzz. Entrusted with an ambitious eight-week schedule to turn around packaging artwork for 52 SKUs for both Canadian and US markets, we devised a multi-disciplinary approach and project plan to meet Vega’s product launch at the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show in California. With a design that captured the bold and energetic character of the brand, we produced print-ready artwork while simultaneously coordinating and overseeing various suppliers. This included creating, retouching and combining 49 photographic elements to form the basis of the new packaging. During the production phase, we led the technical process, working collaboratively with both Vega and its printing partners to ensure proper execution. We provided specifications and recommendations and helped them navigate 16 on-site press approvals, achieving an exceptional result that met all deadlines.