Morrisons Christmas 2014


Creative Agency: Elmwood
Client: Morrisons
Project Type: Commercial work
Location: United Kingdom

Morrisons unveils new look Christmas range

Global brand consultancy Elmwood, has worked with Morrisons to develop an impactful new visual identity for its Christmas 2014 packaging, which launches in stores this autumn.

Elmwood has worked with the retailer to create a new look and feel for 2014 that captures the warmth and magic of the festive season, while ensuring the products are easy to find and stand out on the shelf. The new packaging concept will be used across the store, from Morrisons Market Street counters and core Christmas groceries, through to its gifting and home and leisure products.

Inspired by the nostalgia and vibrancy of traditional Christmas markets, Elmwood has created a design that feels full to the brim with festive cheer.

Bursting with traditional touches that really celebrate Morrisons rich heritage, Elmwood used ‘bright lights’ on the packaging to create a distinct look and feel that really jumps off the shelf. Research showed that customers see green, red and gold as visual signposts for Christmas, so these feature strongly in the palette.

Never losing any of Morrisons trademark personality, Elmwood used visual imagery, typography and language, to infuse the new visuals with Morrisons cheery and honest appeal, whilst also focusing on communicating what matters most to its customers at Christmas.

Kelly Broomhead, Senior Account Manager at Elmwood said: “We wanted customers to feel really Christmassy, so have designed the range to capture the warm, homely feeling of a traditional family Christmas. We built certain biomotive triggers into the design; these are visual cues that the brain recognises, enabling us to illicit those sorts of emotional responses. We also know consumers don’t read many things in store – they shop instinctively by colour and shape. As such, the background pattern uses simple Christmas symbols like stars and snowflakes at a scale that is easily recognised, while the bright red illuminated border is designed to capture the customer’s attention and highlight key product information. It’s all part of making Christmas at Morrisons easier.”

Claire Williams, Head of Design at Morrisons said: “Christmas is all about getting together with family and friends, sharing conversation and laughter over seasonal food and drink, and creating special memories to treasure. We wanted to bring Christmas to life with a design that felt warm, eclectic and vibrant, as well as having great stand-out.”