Whyte & Mackay. New York Limited Edition



Art Director: Egor Myznik
Photographer: Artur Askerov
Client: Whyte & Mackay
Location: Moscow/ Russia
Project Type: Concept

A limited edition of whiskey was developed specifically for sale in the duty-free zone of New York City — “Whyte & Mackay. New York Limited Edition”.

To embody the spirit of the New York streets in the design, and at the same time to convey classic nature of the product.

Solution combines traditional aesthetics of whiskey consumption and street culture. The logo of “Whyte & Mackay”, which is more than two centuries old, is adjacent to a graffiti tag, and the 22-year-old whiskey is packed in a kraft paper bag. Like the whiskey itself, this design is a blend of classics and contemporary, sophistication and impertinence, aristocratic elegance and street culture, luxury and anti-glamor. The design ideology reinforces the constructive solution: the label is attached to the packaging by a bright red thread, and after tearing up the label is thrown away. When you hold a bottle, label is nowhere to be found, only the kraft package, and this also has its own idea — the perfect taste does not need labels.

Unique points of the Packaging: Method of opening. Easy transformation from a package with label into a package without titles.

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