Creative Agency: Wong
Project Type: Concept
Location: Vietnam

3A vodka is distilled from rice, filtered through traditional charcoal filtration method, rested until perfectly smooth. The Secrete Art of Technique and Expertise of AVINAA ensures an exceptional taste and distinctive quality of 3A Vodka.

Proudly says that 3A vodka is 100% product of Vietnam; however, Chairman of AVINAA has been struggling how to elevate the representation of Vietnamese product/people to introduce to the world, especially in alcoholic industry.

We picked the image of Storks as Storks are most well known bird in Vietnam, living in the plains and on the plateaus. Storks are associated with agricultural life, as they are often found in Vietnamese proverbs and folk songs.

3A vodka is distilled from rice, where rice is cultivated by famers. Stork is also represented for Vietnamese farmers: kind, honest and diligent.