Derrick Lin


Designer: Hector Borrero
Art Direction and Design: Hector Borrero
Creative Direction: Osman Mithavayani
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Miami, Florida, USA

When we set out to develop this line we wanted to offer customers an excellent facial scrub that would become their new favorite. These Paraben and sulfate-free premium facial scrubs are created with some of the best natural fruit extracts for cleansing the face. They also include natural crushed walnut, which is used for exfoliation. We developed an appealing variety and each has its own benefit, which can address different skin issues. For example, apricot and lemon are great for deep cleaning, green apple helps to balance skin, papaya helps clarify, apricot prevents blemishes, and orange helps control oily skin. The Peppermint Facial Scrub, a favorite among our users, is a multi use two-in-one product which serves as a scrub + masque.