Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: VRS WPI Vilnius
Creative director: Leonid Tatarinov
Illustrator: Dimitri Pisliak
Account Manager: Sigita Žalytė
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vilkyškių pieninė
Location: Lithuania

Kefir is a traditional dairy drink. And it is percepted far away from being trendy.

Vilkyškių pieninė made an insight that if kefir was packed in a handy 0,33 ml tetratop package, it can become a nice drink on-the-go and be presented to young people. And the traditional Vilkyškių character black cat became a trendy hero with the help of illustrator Dimitri Pisliak and creative director Leonid Tatarinov under the roof of VRS WPI Vilnius. And the youngsters love it.