10 Projects You Shouldn’t Miss In January

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It’s 2015 and we present you with 10 most inspiring and interesting packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reach for the month of January 2015.

Minimalist Effect In The Maximalist Market by Antrepo

Antrepo’s last project is about simplicity and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling.


Pacman Packaging by Craig Sutton

A packaging and brochure design inspired by the retro videogame ‘Pacman’. The packaging features an interactive design which allows for the contents to be placed among the game grid which folds out in the style of that of a board game illustrating the difference and similarities to video and board games.


Balanzera – Cosmetic Products by Elena Antoniou

The Design is following some of the Sustainable design guidelines such as: minimum usage of materials, no extra lids, all are made from recycled plastic (PLA-blend bio-flex). Simple design and shape, when containers get stack for transporting they take minimum space as they don’t leave empty spaces between – maximum number of product stacked (energy efficiency). Minimum usage of ink and printing with low-VOC inks. Nordic, clean and sophisticated design.


Le chocolat des Français by Paul-Henri Masson

“Le chocolat des Français” is a new chocolate brand, 100% trendy with its colourful design and 100% authentic; all for the pleasure of your eyes and mouth… Made traditionnaly in a small village in Ile-de-France, near Paris, Le chocolat des Français offers a selection of delicious chocolate bars that are guaranted 100% pure cocoa butter to savor with your sense.


Ahoy Brewery by Rasmus Erixon

Rasmus Erixon tried to capture the darkness of the story behind the brewery but still get it more interesting and uplifting by using light pastel colours. The design is targeting young adults who knows design and haven’t had an eye for dark beer earlier. The unique point of the packaging is the folded label on the side of the packaging which makes it stand out on the shelf.


Shen Fu Ren Ginseng Products by Lan Sesh

Breaking away from the typical look of traditional Chinese ginseng and TCM products. We inject a new look to the brand by studying and breaking down Chinese elements into simple shapes, giving it a more natural and easy feel to the design. All in all, the design is a great success as it stands out from the shelves among all other traditional looking boxes.


Inka Premium Beer by JP Branding

Each type of beer has an unique label design with patterns taken from the Inca´s fabrics; the thermocromatic ink partial hides the design of each label until the beer gets cold, this goes with the concept of the sign the “gods” give to you if you are the “choosen one”.


BLOCD Illustrated Wine by BLOCD/

Self-promotion during Christmas holidays. We give our customers a wine’s bottle with the building’s picture of BLOCD/ and D/PACK with all the all the team in a illustrated comic.


Aus Baus bus medaus Honey by Gabija Platukyte

Manufacturers didn’t have a name or approved packaging. So first of all, the project started with finding the proper naming for the client. Aus Baus bus medaus – is a saying from an old Lithuanian numeration every Lithuanian knows, about honey. It was so well known, but no one really used it, and when you repeat it, it’s there in your mind. So the naming really fulfilled clients need.


CORONA Greek Olive Oil by Thomas Kiourtsis

Thomas Kiourtsis’ goal was to design something different for a product so classic and yet so unique. Inspired by the earth, sky, stone, wood and water, the basic elements that make their products so unique, Thomas created a minimalistic identity which along with the packaging are a well balanced set.