Derrick Lin


Designer: Tanya Mikolaevskaya
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

“Bloom Boom” is a liquid fertilizer, which unlike most of the others don’t need to be diluted with water. Its concentration allows you to pour it directly to the flowers. Therefore, the basic idea of packaging for this product is that it can be poured from the pack, as from a watering can.

This fertilizer is very easy to use — just cut the corner of the pack and water the flowers.

In this case, you don’t get any additional dirty barrels or watering cans. This makes gardening easy and fun, which is reflected in the character of illustrations and cheerful colors of the packaging design.

The packaging is made of a multilayered laminated film, so it’s light and easy to transport.

There’ve been 3 types of fertilizers in the product line so far: for hydrangeas, for bulbous plants, and for chrysanthemums. But the range can be extended by introducing new illustrations and colors.

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