AquaDerma Skin Care

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Anti
Senior Designers: Mari Oshaug and Fredrik Melby
Creative Consultant: Kenneth Pedersen
Project manager: Kjersti Brinck Lund
Client: Lilleborg
Project Type: Commercial Work
Location: Oslo, Norway

In Norwegian grocery stores there are no manufacturers of skin care products that meet the strict ingredient requirements of the pharmacies. These requirements demand that the products do not contain more than a given amount of undesirable or controversial ingredients such as parabens, silicone and alcohol.

AquaDerma is a new range of skin care products and the first sold in Norwegian grocery stores developed with pharmacy requirements in mind, consisting of pure, active ingredients from the ocean. AquaDerma wishes to make products that are good for you more easily available.

The challenge is that many prefer specialty stores, rather than grocery stores when buying skin care products. AquaDerma therefore wanted a solution that encourages choosing the AquaDerma series as their preferred skin care product, with pharmacy quality available in the same store they buy their everyday items.

To communicate this to the target audience we needed to find the combination of a more rigid pharmacy expression whilst not acting as a deterrent for those who usually shop in grocery stores. They must therefore be perceived as Nordic quality but with a mild, accessible feel that underpins the natural ingredients from the sea.

A strong resemblance between the individual products in the AquaDerma range was important to show the relation between the products. The products are often placed scattered, making the resemblance between products even more important to bind it together as a series. The relation in the look of the products also encourage the purchase of the entire series.

The waved stripes give an association of water and together with the large white spaces the design gives the products a clean, pure look. The pharmacy symbol is set in a contrasting color to emphasize the importance of the ingredient requirements and serves as a sign of quality. Three of the products are anti-aging. To clarify this we have given the waved stripes more shine and a deeper blue tone, attracting a more mature audience and giving the products a sense of belonging with the other anti-aging products.