Amulet Tea (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Oxana Tarasova, Dima Je, Katya Belkina & Sergey Voronov
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

A collaborative student project : naming, packaging, ad ideas for a new brand of tea for people who like esoterism, magic, etc.

The brief was to design tea package for people who love everything exotique.

The key metaphore foe the tea we’ve create is ‘tea as a protective object’. In other words an amulet.

There are 5 herbal compositions which are 5 different tastes with various effects.

Tea’s packaging is inspired by engraved gems, runic writing and primitive symbols.

The package is 12 cm height, made of plastic and can be re-used as a box/casket.

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