10 Projects You Shouldn’t Miss In April

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Derrick Lin


Spring is here, and the weather is finally warming up. And April’s top 10 packaging projects will help warm up your creative mind. Here are 10 most inspiring and interesting packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reached for the month of April 2015.

Titses designed by Constantin Bolimond & Maksim Ali

The aim of the project Titses milk is to attract mens’ attention to the product that is so loved by women,but is often overlooked by a strong half of the population.


Neato Burrito designed by Kelsey Byrd, Haley Ellis, Marcus Mrazeck, Elizabeth Sweeney

Neato Burrito boasts a pretty “neat” solution. Integrating the dead fold properties of foil with the structural integrity of paperboard, Neato Burrito’s semirigid, accordion-style body not only collapses with consumption but also affords consumers an alternate, in-house dining option.


MOMEN Sandwich designed by Mohamed Kamel

MO’MEN(fast food chain) wanted to launch and introduce three new sandwiches(Seafood, Meat, & Chicken). We were challenged to create a design that appeals to each variant target using the same die cut used in their old sandwiches but give the brand a new fresh look that stand out against competition.


Csernyik pince – Nyitány Wine Label designed by Peltan-Brosz Roland and Rohmann Nóra

The Y-letter in the logo is built to represent a wineglass, where we have taken into account the proportions of the white wine glass, specific to the Matra mountain where the winemakers are focused mainly on white wine production. The pince (wine cellar) ends with curling tendril that symbolically rises the wineglass.


Smile Water designed by Peck & Company

Hapi Smile with 100% pure, all-natural xylitol (made from American birch trees). Xylitol is proven to fight cavities, freshen breath, and reduce plaque. Hapi Smile is a beverage that you can drink throughout your day, increasing health benefits but not your sugar consumption.


Olive by Gino’s Garden designed by Marios Karystios

Each year, a limited quantity of olive oil is handpicked and cold pressed within six hours, making to the finest quality of olive oil one could get from the grove of Gino Haddad. In order to reflect the organic approach and limited production, a custom made bottle was specially designed to portray the uniqueness of Gino’s olive oil. A small piece of art and not just another bottle.


Nike The Opening Packaging designed by Hovercraft Studio

The Opening 2014 event was set into motion by an over-the-top invite package. Each of the 160 athletes were hand delivered a fold-open gold box that contained an invite, tee, camp book, mouthguard, eyeblacks and gold skull ring.


Pizza Shigaraki designed by Masahiro Minami Design

This is the package design for rice flour pizza made from Omi rice. This local pizza is made from Omi rice which comes from Shiga, the region in Japan which is famous for rice growing. The pizza is hand-made in the shape of oval which makes is perfect to fit in a toaster.


The Yachtsetter designed by Anagrama

The elements found within the brand are inspired by signaling communication representative of ships, as well as the shields, medals, and flags that are used in regattas. The logo draws play from the formations and landscapes that occur from regattas, while the brand’s color palette results from the contrast found in the colors that are present in these boat competitions and maritime signal flags.


The Economical Packaging EVO designed by Evgeniy Pelin

The result: We transport the container twice the light – reduces the cost of logistics; We use the cheapest kraft cardboard with a black seal – great waste (packaging decomposes in the ground in one year). Packaging can be opened, proving the availability of energy saving lights.