Lakene Gårdsmejeri (Student Project)

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Designers: Frida Ekelund, Jasper van Wolferen, Ronja Hallgren, Maarit Hautamäki
Project Type: Student Project
School: Brobygrafiska
Course: Packaging design
Tutor: Sara Larsson, Mats Olsson
Location: Sweden
Packaging Content: Dairy
Packaging Material: Folding carton

We wished to create a strong graphic profile for a brand or company whose existing profile had passed its expiration date. We chose to work with Lakene Gårdsmejeri, a small dairy company (dairy farm) in Sweden.
Their products are created in an artisanal fashion, and everything is made the old-fashioned way. They provide products of high quality, and our mission was to display that in a clear manner. We created new packaging solutions, a web shop, ideas for marketing and a concept built on a foundation of traditional farm work and a sense of humor.