Hui Shang

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Agency: ART Production Shanghai / Heat Island
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ART Production – Auchan & RT-Mart Private labels
Location: Shanghai, China
Packaging Contents: Hot pot spice, sauce and steamed stuffed bun

H U I S H A N G – China regional specialties

Inspired by all the Asian culture, this brand is dedicated to China regional products. In China lot of people are forced leave their region to find a work. However China is a huge country and it’s really difficult to find specialties from your native region. That’s why Hui Shang tries to offer a large range of region specialties, to discover or rediscover the flavor of whole China.

Chinese people are attached to all the landscapes of their country,more than just a picture of nature, it’s real part of their DNA. We used these facts to build new codes to explain the source of the product, as a traditional ink painting landscape. Better than just a wording the background is clearly recognizable by every Chinese people. Each name is calligraphied by hand and placed vertically to respect the Chinese calligraphy spirit. This combination of tradition and modernity, makes HUI SHANG as the finest food brand of Auchan and RT-Mart.

Thanks to HUI SHANG, our customers will be able to explore and discover all the best flavor of the whole China. To conclude Hui Shang is an invitation to travel, in a culinary trip through China.

What’s Unique?
The packaging is unique not by the design but by its construction and the reading of the information. It doesn’t use clear wording to explain the provenance but the cognitive sense of our customers. Indeed the origin is not indicated on the pack in large but is felt across the landscape painted in ink. The writing is not digital and linear , but a real dynamic calligraphy written by hand, providing strength and tradition.

The regulatory information are also perfectly inscribed in the spirit of the packaging with vertical scriptures written in traditional manner to the way the ancient Chinese book .
All these codes ensure the perfect mix between tradition and modernity.