Love Guide Condoms (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Guan-Hao Pan
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Taipei University of Technology
Packaging Content: Condoms
Location: Taiwan

A condom becomes much less effective if it is the wrong size, worn on the wrong side, or its tip is not squeezed when worn. It may cause pregnancy or/and sexually-transmitted diseases. Wrong Size Selection : Studies show that more than 60% of users choose a wrong size while shopping for condoms. In addition to discomfort, wrong size selection increases the risk of slippage and rupture. Wrong Use : The breakage rate can be increased by wrong use such as wearing the condom on the wrong side and failure to squeeze the teat end of the condom.

“Love Guide” condoms address these issues by introducing a new packaging system for conventional condoms. They come in five packages, each of a distinct diameter, such that holding the packages easily determines the right size. Also, each condom comes in a specially designed case with a rising tip, making it easy to pick the condom from the right side while squeezing the tip at the same time. Love Guide helps users choose the right condom and use it the right way!

Tools used
The graphics, logo, icon, typography, packaging and paper display stand were created in Adobe Illustrator, and some images were refined and adjusted in Adobe Photoshop.

Easy Production
Without having to make changes to current condoms, Love Guide improve existing problems by just changing the packaging design of condoms. With the practical idea that can be easily implemented for mass production, general public would benefit in a short time.

Easy Size Selection
Five different packages are available for customers to select depending on individual’s penis size. Each package is different in diameter and specified with a color as well as a label: cucumber, carrot, banana, turnip, and zucchini. Holding the package makes it much easier for buyers to determine which size fits them the best.

Easy Use
Each condom comes in a specially designed case with a rising tip, making it easy to pick the condom from the right side while squeezing the tip at the same time. They can be easily used in the dark, even by the blind. The speed of wearing Love Guide Condoms is faster than conventional packaging condoms more than doubled.

Conventional condom packaging is made of Foil and it’s difficult to recycle, it cause environmental pollution. The case of Love Guide Condoms made of environment-friendly PLA plastic, it is biodegradable and disposable.

Vending Machine
Love Guide Condoms can also be distributed via vending machines available. The customers can hold the model packages and select the appropriate package for purchase. In this way, the embarrassment associated with shopping for condoms is essentially eliminated.

Healthy Attitude
The idea of product package in the format of veggies is inspired by the Chinese saying that goes ” 食色性也”, which points out that sex is one of basic characteristics of human nature as well as food and we don’t have to feel embarrassing using it. Using condoms packaged as the format of varied veggies is as normal as meeting our eating needs, so that act of using them is healthy and natural.