Agency: Coley Porter Bell
Designer: Craig Barnes
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: KP snacks
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Potato Crisps
Packaging Materials: Foil substrate

Coley Porter Bell has developed a new design for McCoy’s crisps, KP’s UK leading ridged-crisp brand. It is the first major redesign of the brand in years and is set to hit the shelves this summer. The new look and feel aims to target the ‘modern man’, enhance shelf stand-out and increase sales of the iconic snack range.

Coley Porter Bell was tasked to create a design that builds upon the brand’s strong heritage and vast popularity to generate a new, dynamic and lively-looking pack design. A full re-crafting of the McCoy’s branding into a cleaner, more cutting edge style was the main part of this process. The flavour descriptor typography has switched from heavy serifs to an edgy sans-serif style inspired by Alan Kitching which aims to bring the brand up to date. Flat, dark colours of the old packs have been overhauled and a vibrant, textured ‘spotlight’ now emanates from the branding, drawing the eye to a new product shot to drive appetite appeal. Craig Barnes, Design Director at Coley Porter Bell said: “It was essential to us that we captured the style and personality of the modern male with the new designs, but we did not want to take away from the famous authenticity McCoy’s has in its brand marque. The crafting of the new sans-serif letterforms and the gold detailing around them feels robust, of good quality and timeless in execution whilst the increased legibility gives great standout which cuts through the visual clutter on shelf.” George Johnston, Marketing Director at KP Snacks added: “This summer we’re transforming McCoy’s with a great new look across the range – which is particularly big news as it’s the brand’s first identity change in years! This new identity for McCoy’s will ensure better stand out on shelf and significantly greater appeal for consumers.” With a retail sales value worth £108m, McCoy’s is the fourth biggest brand in the crisps category and in revenue growth year-on-year.