Ready to Drink Wine and Snack Package



Designer: Gary Matsch
Project Type: Patent pending packaging design available for licensing
Location: Phoenix/AZ/USA
Packaging Contents: Wine with Cheese and Crackers, Nuts, Pretzels, Chocolate, etc. or a second serving of wine.
Packaging Materials: PET

Designed for on-the-go wine lovers, Ready to drink packaging offers individual wine servings with a perfectly paired snack to enhance the wine’s natural flavors and satisfy your appetite. Crafted for travel, the standard size shatterproof stemless wine glass is easily packed, unbreakable, and spill-proof. To maintain freshness and prevent spills, the innovative lid is mechanically sealed. Once the lid is opened, the wine drops to just the right level to swirl, taste, and allow the wine to breathe – without spilling a drop. The 187 ml inner container is perfectly sized to hold a snack such as chocolates, nuts, cheese and crackers, or a second glass of wine. The patent-pending lid and storage container can be sized to accommodate almost any desired share or size goblet. Ready to drink glasses are designed to be stacked on top of each other in store displays. To prolong shelf-life, as the lid is installed, the lid mechanically purges air out of the wine glass.

What’s Unique?
Most individual-servings of wine are packaged in smaller wineglasses to minimize headspace, to maintain the wine’s flavor and improve shelf-life. Our patent-pending lid minimizes headspace while allowing a 187 ml serving of wine to be packed in an elegant standard-size stemless wineglass. The storage container that is part of the lid can be used to store a snack that complements the wine (cheese and crackers, nuts, chocolates, etc.) or a second 187 ml serving of wine. When the lid is removed from the stemless wineglass the foil lid maintains its hermetic seal with the storage container and can be removed at a later time when the consumer wants to enjoy the stored snack or second serving of wine. Removing the lid allows the wine to drop to a standard fill level, perfect for swirling and tasting the wine. All other ready to drink wine containers have fill levels near the rim of the container. With our design, once the lid is removed from the standard size wineglass, the fill level is at the halfway mark of the wineglass.