Waldorf Wine

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Designer: Dominika Suszek
3D visualization: Marcin Sowiński
Project Type: Student Project
School: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Course: Package design
Tutor: prof Henryk Chyliński
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Packaging Contents: Alcoholic beverages
Packaging Materials: Glass and Paper

Waldorf is the company I created for my thesis. I attended Package Design classes. I had to design packages, an advertising poster and also to make an animation about my company.

Waldorf is a vineyard from California. I chose California because of their great natural conditions to crop grapevine and also because I think it is one of the most amazing places on this planet. Waldorf philosophy is to lead optimistic life filled with fun and pleasure.

Waldorf logo is based on a letter W, because W is not only the first letter of the company but also of the product it sells – wine. It also resembles a wine glass.

The identity of the brand is a combination of classic and extravagance. My goal was to design unique labels that will stand out on a shop shelf and easily catch customers’ eyes. I believe I managed to achieve it by using colorful palette and stripes. My second purpose was to make my labels easy to remember and that is why they have such an extraordinary shape. Colors of the labels were chosen accordingly to wine species. In order to underline their unification, the typography is always in the same shades of grey.

Transportation packages: a gift box, wrapping paper and a paper bag are minimalistic and they all base on logo and logotype. A gift box bases on the shape of logo through triangle walls and slim construction. Wrapping paper is delicate but because of use of both, logo and logotype, it is very characteristic. A paper bag is made of ecologic paper and it similar to a gift box.

I wanted my advertising poster to emphasize class of wine, so I used a red wine glass. In my opinion there is nothing more timeless than a glass of good dry red wine.

I created my thesis in many different techniques. All my products were real are handmade. The multimedia part was made in programs such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.