Colección V – Javier Sanz

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Derrick Lin


Agency: MON Estudio
Designer: Manu Salviejo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bodega Javier Sanz
Location: Valladolid, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Paper, cardboard

Javier Sanz launched a new line of premium wine. Its name is the V Collection. This brand is formed by 4 excellent verdejo wines, different from the rest of verdejo wines in the well known Rueda area. We accepted the challenge of creating the image to express the essence of each of these wines but also creating a sense of nearness and family between all of them. We were conceptually inspired by the creative work of the spanish photographer Chema Madoz. It was a long creative process that ended in these atractive and surrealist illustrations. Eacha illustration is formed by a shape divided in two parts. Those two parts seem to fight and fill each other and they complete a meaning tha has something to do with the wine represented.