Derrick Lin


Agency: Markmus Design
Graphic Designer: Joe Stothard
Developing: Herbert Bartl & Marcos Aretio
Product Manager: Daniel Felke
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: adidas Global
Location: NUremberg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Football Boots
Packaging Materials: Cardboard

The brief was to improve adidas Messi shoebox design and engineering. The new concept is based on “Gambeta”, which is the word used in football to define the way Messi dribbles his opponents in perfect zig-zag movements. The external look (zig-zag line) is created by a smaller lid with two flaps that are used to close the box and is supported by a second full-size lid that lays on on the left wall of the box. This solution also improves the internal aspect of the box by removing all the external and internal hinges.

The color strategy is to keep black as base color, but to adapt the details colors (yellow in this case) to the future products colors in the next seasons.

What’s Unique?
The new construction makes the new shoe box cleaner and very sleek. The joints and folding have been designed to avoid any hinges or ugly parts that were visible on the previous designs. The concept makes a wink to Leo Messi’s play, and the graphics are inspired by the boots external construction.