Derrick Lin


Branding & Packaging: Veronica Lethorn
Pattern, Photography & Art Direction: Eve Warren
Brand: The Marshmallowist
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

When Oonagh Simms trained as a patissiere and chocolatiere in Paris, she would make at least four different types of artisan marshmallow a week. When Oonagh returned to London she realised something was missing – here a marshmallow means the sad pink and white puffs we add to hot chocolate, or toast on the end of a stick on bonfire night.

So Oonagh became ‘The Marshmallowist’, creating decadent marshmallows with a signature edge. Her marshmallows can now be found at luxury retail stores throughout the UK.

Teaming up with Melbourne based Graphic Designer Veronica Lethorn, they re-branded in order to position Oonagh — ‘The Marshmallowist’ firmly in the luxury retail market. Creating a product that contains carefully sourced ingredients with artisanal production methods and cutting edge design

This included a new range of retail packaging, printed on GF Smith Colorplan.

Whilst Veronica’s brand was applied across print and web media. The Marshmallowist worked with Eve Warren, who specialises in Photography and Art Direction and commissioned her for a product shoot. She applied an array of bright abstract fruit patterns to match the bold values of Veronica’s brand.

This then led onto a shop window display in which Eve hand painted a set of fruitful illustrations to celebrate the beginning of Autumn.

The Brief & Considerations
Re-evaluate the founding story, brand values and personality. Reflect and interpret what the ‘Marshmallowist’ is about in every piece of communication we create.

‘We are the definitive marshmallow experts’.