NIVEA – Milkbar (Student Project)



Designers: María Paulina Reséndiz, Monica del Rio, Juliana Garcia, Sol Balseca
School: ElisavaPack
Course: Master in Packaging Design
Tutors: Isaac Salom and Enric Aguilera
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Graphic and Industrial redesign of Nivea Milkbar Soap. By adding a suction pad and a die pattern in the same material that was previously used, the new design sticks to the wall of the bathroom giving the pack a secondary use: a simple and practical soap holder.

The suction pad can be reused so that the user buys the complete product only once and then just simply hangs the new soaps from the original suction pad. The water drains from the bottom corners of the pack that come with a die pattern that is ripped when used. Just by hanging the soap, instead of leaving it in the shower floor, the life of the product get’s doubled.