Taf Pianeta Espresso

Derrick Lin


Agency: Typical. Organisation for standards and Order
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Taf Coffee
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Espresso Blend Coffee beans
Packaging Materials: Kraft paper pouch

Taf is a standard for coffee hedonists in Greece, known for its expertise and longterm experience in high quality coffee. Our approach was typical in the sense that we did not reinvent something from zero but rather we traveled back to zero; the archetypical. Pianeta expresso blend was an already existing product line. By reflecting on a re-design we focused on the name of the series : Pianeta meaning planet in Italian. Our next association was mother earth, known as the ‘Blue Planet’ or even seen as ‘The Blue Marble’ . The origin of this word referring to the waters of the earth did make great sens since coffee needs essentially water to be coffee. Pianeta series consisted of two types of coffee beans blends that we choose to be differentiated by pantone 306 U and 286 U. Together with Helvetica Neue in black those packagings are referring to the universal modernist language corresponding and evoking in our perspective, to the ethical, almost scientific and non-compromising attitude of Taf towards coffee.