Drops Gin & Tonic Sweets

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Agency: Koolbrand
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Drops Gin&Tonic Sweets
Location: Vigo, Spain

Branding for the funniest pairing … hip !!

Gin & Tonic Drops Sweets, an innovative product with the clear goal of becoming the inseparable companion of your gin and tonic.

With our snifter in hand, we began to enter the world of the finest pairings. If these small treats wanted to become the best dressing, they needed our help to get a good graphic and web presence, and of course packaging up to the gourmet sector.

The branding of the brand is based on the strength of the two typefaces elegant and refined lines, accompanied by a small turquoise straw that identifies the product. A cheerful drop that changes color depending on the variety of flavor that you want to use when preparing your cocktail.

Enjoy meeting your friends with gin-tonics required a Drops packaging that would invite playing with the flavors of this new marriage, like in a board game; with a simple design, easy to open and also respectful of the environment. Small square boxes where colors are associated with different flavors of drops.

With all this managed development, we generate a web in which to acquire the new pairing. A clean and very visual site, where the product photographs are predominant and a simple navigation that invites you to experience the new Drops Sweets Gin & Tonic.