Fous de L’île Kombucha



Agency: Fivethousand Fingers
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fous de L’île
Location: Montréal, Canada
Packaging Contents: Kombucha
Packaging Materials: Glass, foil, paper

With a passion for kombucha and care for quality, Fous de l’île brews the fermented tea beverage in small batches in Montréal.

Our relationship with Fous de l’île began early in their formation so we were involved in the founding aspects of the product. In addition to designing the brand and the packaging, we assessed the initial market environment, helped manage production, named the product (with a nod to Québecois poet and singer-songwriter Félix Leclerc) and directed copywriting. Our intent was to give kombucha a broader appeal as a natural beverage made with care, allowing it to escape the limited perception as a health drink.

Fous de l’île can be found in a growing number of locations on the island of Montréal, and we have the pleasure of continuing our work with them as they advance.

What’s Unique?
Kombucha is predominantly marketed as a health drink with most brands being sold in health food and organic stores. The packaging of Fous de l’île was designed to distance the drink from this perception by aligning it to a look which speaks more of its craftsmanship and appeal to a design-conscious market who care about quality. We chose the distinct Boston Round, a bottle used traditionally for pharmaceuticals which is rising in popularity for its form but still somewhat difficult to obtain.