Meat Boutique Kalymera

Derrick Lin


Agency: IQ Harvest
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kalymera
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Meat
Packaging Materials: Paper, bags

Agency IQ Harvest has developed a new brand identity for stores Kalimera. The agency’s team has developed a logo, corporate identity, brand book, interior and exterior design shops.

The outlines of the logo of the new brand at the same time like a stamp (stamp) for the animals and for meat packaging bag – in this form is supposed to wrap cuts for customers. As the basic color, the authors chose red, which is intended to emphasize the product of the brand.

To create an atmosphere of graphics experts developed a brand environment – a set of symbols that are related to the brand meaning and the graphics area. Symbols are combined in groups in various combinations and are used as patterns to fill the various forms.

In the interior, the agency has proposed to use not only the logo and the familiar graphic form, but also a tree – to reflect the idea of ​​freshness and naturalness of meat. In addition, there have been several types and sizes of packages suitable for different scenarios shopping, and designer clothes, are reflected in his black premium character of the brand.

What’s Unique?
Meat and juicy steaks, printed on the craft in two colors, have long turned into a cliche branch. It is more difficult to avoid its impact by developing identity for such a service for the domestic market.

Moscow agency IQ Harvest was able to present a professional and very charming author’s interpretation of the collective’s reference, withdrawing from direct borrowing: the engine became puffy pictures of animals with a recognizable stamp-sector. Soaring lamb striding chicken, cow thoughtful, curious pig – not a formal product identifiers, but real characters, providing recognition as a brand as a whole and each individual its bearer.