Royal Pafritas

Derrick Lin


Agency: Grantipo
Creative Direction: Sergio Daniel García
Project type: Produced. Commercial work
Client: Pafritas
Location: Madrid. Spain
Materials: Glass, paper

Savoury crisps have become a highly-sought after appetizer option and it’s time to recognize their dignified status as such.

At Gratipo, wanted to provide the product with an image of quality, realizing their full potential.

With verve and determination, we have created a truly noble range identity for the entire family.

Honouring the potato skin crisps savoured by the Empress Josephine Beauharnis, straws-cut potato crips that delighted the Marquis of Marés and the strongly-salted sunflower seeds that satisfied the appetite of the Duke of Valentinus.

A product of the highest quality, brought to life for the tastes of the most demanding classes.