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Written by Jack Peterson, senior consultant for Sama Packing and Packaging Marine.

Packaging plays vital role in order to protect and transport the product among different channels. Majorly there are two types of packaging referred as primary and secondary packaging. The primary packaging is referred as the basic need to protect the product from external environment and increase the shelf life. Usually in this type of packaging, the product is in direct contact with the packaging material or container like the way snacks are in direct contact with the flexible packaging film. Whereas, the further packaging like shrink wrap and packing in cartons are considered as secondary packaging usually helpful in carrying and transportation.

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Packaging methods have very wide techniques starting from manual packaging and ending at the fully automatic robotic packaging but the most widely used solution is automatic packaging machine. As per the changing manufacturing trends and increasing demands of consumers, it is also very necessary to include the machinery used to ensure the quality like check weigher and metal detector in the packaging line. As the manufacturers are focusing more towards economies of scale, therefore manufacturing in huge quantities and this is where increase in demands of automatic packaging solutions occurs. Here, the packaging machine suppliers take this as an opportunity and offer significant types of machines like filling machine, cartooning machine, labeling machine, shrink wrapping machine, batch coder, inkjet printers and much more. The main drivers of these machines are products and their nature.

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Packaging is also a very important factor of marketing mix and has great impact on consumer behavior towards the product. Making your product stand out among all products available on shelf having more or less same nature, uses and benefits is really a tough job. The marketer, product manufacturers and packing machine suppliers are continuously working to introduce innovation in this dimension to get the maximum benefit. The small pack of snacks might look like just an ordinary product to the consumer but there is a lot of study and research conducted in order to understand the consumer behavior.

Transparency Market Research
Transparency Market Research is a company providing quality analysis, trends and insights based on professional data collection, data analysis and interpretation. The company’s research team includes consultants, researchers and analyst experts in their own field. The data is continuously updated and enhanced by these experts in order to provide the latest trends and information to the reader. The research is based on primary and secondary both type of data to cover every single aspect of the industry. Furthermore, the research is distributed on the basis of market segments and geographies. The research report provides complete analysis of current market trends, growth forecast and drivers, industry structure and factor effecting industry growth.

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