VEKKA – Real Meat

Derrick Lin


Agency: 4Press Creative Agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: VEKKA
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Sausage, Meat
Packaging Materials: flexographic printing on artificial membrane

VEKKA – a leading manufacturer of sausage-meat products in Odessa, Ukraine.

The project was created in the framework of rebranding of the packaging. The material was flexographic printing material made on an artificial membrane.

The first stage of work was a careful study of the consumer. Among the main difficulties that were able to identify: 1) the difficulty in finding the right varieties of sausage, 2) unequal distribution among all the participants of the banquet. Based on the observations, it was defined the main direction of the package rebranding.

Solution. 1) On the front of the pack to portray the icons of animals for quick search the right varieties of sausage. 2) On the back to hold the oblique parallel lines for a clear and uniform distribution of the product. Now not the mathematical calculations but simple design directs you while cutting the sausage.

Just taking the stick of sausage in hand you realize how much you can do sandwiches to children for school.