Ligos Croissants

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Project Director: Olha Kaminska
Designer: Nazar Kumanovskyi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ligos
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Food, Baking, Bread
Packaging Materials: Plastic

It was necessary not only to pick up a good stylistic decision, but also to create a recognizable visual image which could easily explain that it is a product of the “Ligos” brand. That was a strategic goal of the package restyling campaign. We decided to focus our attention on this, so we developed a strong associative couple “Ligos Brand – is the Croissant” / “The Croissant – is the Ligos Brand” and strengthened this message with the composition and the design of the product.

In addition, it was decided to differentiate the products by different colors.

What’s Unique?
Our unique design difference is a transparent window in the package through which you can evaluate the croissant’s freshness.