Agency: Morillas
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Freixenet
Packaging content: Cava, sparkling wine
Location: Spain

Message in a bottle: Distilling a fresh new identity for an iconic Spanish brand

Anybody that has celebrated anything will have likely heard a Freixenet cork pop, and have lifted a glass to the iconic Spanish cava brand – market leader since 1861.

In 2014, one of the company’s leading winemakers, Gloria Collell, decided it was time to bring an authentic piece of vibrant, contemporary Barcelona to consumers everywhere. Her bosses agreed. And so, MIA (Spanish for “mine”) was born. The new range of wines and muscatels has been carefully created with the passion and devotion of the Freixenet team, and distilled with the essence, elegance and eclecticism of its home city.

Freixenet turned to Morillas branding agency to help develop its MIA Sangria range. To echo this bold stride, the agency created a striking, sophisticated white bottle and box for the MIA Classic Royal and White Frizzante varieties that breathes freshness and differentiates it from any other brand on the shelves.

Bold multi-coloured mosaics on the name evoke Gaudi’s stunning architectural masterpieces – a core ingredient in Barcelona’s dynamic heritage.

Further eye-catching mosaic details on the bottles and boxes echo the flavours: red tones for Classic Royal, and gold for White Frizzante.

These eye-catching bottles and boxes are proving unique enough to keep as souvenirs, long after the last delicious drop has been poured. Since their launch, MIA Sangria has been such a success, that Freixenet and Morillas are once again collaborating to create a third variety for the range.