Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Studio ABD Design Services Pvt. Ltd.
Director: Abhijit Bansod
Senior Graphic Designer: Ajith Jose
Graphic Designer: Jyothi Iyer
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd
Location: Bangalore, India
Packaging Contents: Ready to Cook Idli Dosa batter
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Idly and Dosa are among the most loved breakfast options across India, owing to their simplicity, taste, and nutrition. Traditionally these delicacies took hours to grind, ferment, and prepare. However, the new generation of working couples expect quick breakfast solutions, without compromising on authentic flavours. Enter ‘Ready to Cook’ batter. It was an instant hit and many brands jumped on to the retail bandwagon.

Eastern, since 1969, is one of the market leaders in India, engaged in the manufacturing & marketing of spice powders and related products. For them to delve into a new segment like Idly Dosa batter was exciting as well as challenging.

To develop an innovative solution for batter packaging, it was important for Studio ABD to understand the entire life cycle (logistics, cold transport, cold storage, and return). The packaging requirement was to optimise material usage and improve in-store visibility, ease of use, and ease of storage at the consumer’s end.

A key learning from the research was that Dosa batter starts to ferment as soon as it is packed. The more the exposure to air, the faster is the fermentation. Most of the current packs do not offer resealing. The ones that do, employ a zip lock wherein the batter accumulates, making it difficult to reseal.

The outcome of the design challenge was Eastern’s innovative breakfast range, an attractive and practical packaging proposition. Following the same visual architecture, Eastern is expanding its breakfast range with more delicacies, to spread the same joy this pack brought into the lives of its consumers.

What’s Unique?
The new packaging design presents a very consumer-friendly solution to each step in its usage cycle, from purchase to consumption. This stand-up pouch stands out on the shelf because of its unique profile. A circular cutout towards the top edge helps significantly in handling and pouring. The proportions enable it to fit into a refrigerator door with ease. It fits into the well-laden Indian refrigerator psyche, not only to be consumed once but as many times as the consumer wishes to.

In terms of communication, the disruptively appetizing concept ‘Rise & Shine’ beautifully resonates with the idea of mornings. The graphics represent a healthy, fresh and energetic start to the day. It expresses the joy of morning brilliance, creating a vibrant morning mood that a good breakfast food must bring to the household.