Pusės Pusė Jewellery Line (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Jone Miskinyte and Ineta Plytnykiene
Photographer: Greta Gedminaite
Project Type: Concept
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Jewellery
Packaging Materials: Paper

“Pusės Pusė” – is love story inspired jewellery line, meticulously created as a wearable conversation piece. Clear and minimalistic talismans look similar at a first glance, but they are all unique- telling a different Vilnius City love story. What magic tale? – a secret subtly revealed on the side of the talisman: where an etched story symbol appears. During the day they are filled with light, awaking at night – as they begin to shine. “Pusės pusė” – a jewellery line created for a stylish city culture enthusiasts, who cherishes their history.

What’s Unique?
Special packages were made for the talismans which main key words are mystery and royalty. Package tells each story slowly. Firstly, when you look from the top, you see the main emblem of the story which invites to take the packaging into hands, look around. On the sides there is a logo and the name of the story. So, as the buyer already knows what kind of story tells the talisman, it is time to touch it. After opening the first cover the cylinder is seen. This minimalistic variant was created in order to keep the impression of luxury, to highlight the main object of the pendant – cylinder. After the cover which took over all the packaging is taken off, on the second packaging it is possible to read the whole story, know the details, where it was and when. After taking off the second cover, one can find the necklace of the talisman and fringes which will help to connect the talisman into one. In this way the packaging slowly tells one of many stories.