Collective Pencils (Student Project)



Design Agency: Brandi Steele
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: Packaging 2
Tutor: Michael Osborne
Location: San Francisco, CA
Packaging Contents: Colored Pencils
Packaging Materials: Paper, Board, Metal Screw

The project description was purely to create a new structure for colored pencils. Additionally I created a brand, known as Collective, and created the visual packaging around it. The problem I was attempting to tackle was the issue of being able to visualize every color, much like “knowing what you’ve got.” I was inspired by the Pantone Book, with its mobility and the function of the structure. The entire box is made out of paper and Davi board, I wanted this pencil box to be a cost effective as well as beautifully created. The box is made up of three trays, three inner color informative pull outs, and an the front panel. Easy to open, with affixed stands for a sturdy and lasting design.

What’s Unique?
Collective Pencils were designed with color in mind. Importance was placed on creating a structure that makes all pencils accessible and visible at once, in turn creating a beautiful spectrum of colors. The pencil box was inspired by a form like the Pantone Book and then translated that into a physical box that aims to celebrate color.