Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Fuse Collective
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Lodz, Poland
Packaging Contents: Craft beer, Christmas card, Labels
Packaging Materials: Wood, Glass, Paper, Wood wool

In 2015, we went about Christmas card a bit different. We’ve prepared a surprise gift for our clients, which comprised of three craft beers and a letter with Christmas wishes, packed in engraved wooden box. Apart from print, everything else was handmade by us. We even brewed a beer. It gave us a great satisfaction and we hope they’ll like it.

What’s Unique?
Our main goal was to create a warm and personal gift for people we work with. We decided to make something unique by combining two things we love: beer and design. We focused on DIY approach, therefore most of the work was accomplished by ourselves. We home brewed beers in three different styles. Every beer had a description and food pairing suggestions. Label design was inspired by distinctive elements from our city, Lodz.