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Strawster packaging

Agency: Ball Packaging Europe (internal development project)
Project Type: Produced
Location: Zürich (CH), company headquarters / Bonn (DE), Technical Center
Packaging contents: Carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic
Packaging Materials: Aluminum (can) and plastic (straw)

A revolution in design and convenience: Can maker Ball introduces very first can with integrated straw

The can with “wow”-effect
A straw ‘magically’ appears when the new ‘Strawster’ by Ball Packaging Europe is opened: With this game-changing technology the stylish 250 ml slim can becomes a downright design object. Consumers looking for the perfect way to enjoy a drink on-the-go will appreciate the Strawster just like brands seeking a novel way of interacting with their customers.

Creativity meets functionality
Where the can itself is a canvas for creativity and brand identity, the straw now becomes the messenger: words or small logos can be lasered directly onto the outside of the straw. The clever design of the straw also makes for an exceptional drinks experience. Its convenient sideway opening helps to prevent spillage. What’s more, the lower end is slightly bent to reach the very bottom of the can so that consumers can enjoy the drink until the last drop.

Redefining the can
The Strawster’s special features chime with those customers who look for healthy and safe products, particularly women: The straw inside the can remains untouched and the small opening of the can minimizes the risk of objects getting inside it.

Successful launch
Polish-based brewer Sulimar was the first to make use of the Strawster for its flavored beer ‘Cornelius Grejpfrutowy’. The test launch in Spring 2015 comprised a trial batch of 150,000 cans and was an immediate success. The cans were quickly sold out in key regions throughout Poland. Now, Cornelius has ramped up production and fills commercial quantities of its grapefruit flavored beer into Strawster.

Strawster packaging
Strawster packaging
Strawster packaging
Strawster packaging
Strawster packaging