Tardón Mireno Artisan Liquor

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: LINEAL Estudio Creativo
Designer: David Vizcaino
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Ibarra, Ecuador
Packaging Contents: Artisan liquor
Packaging Materials: Cedar wood

It is essential to improve the image of the product for excellent marketing. Tardón Mireno is a product has more than 15 years in the Ecuadorian market, generating more followers every day and tasters of this well-known tradition; the drink is well known throughout the country thanks to the support of the municipality of Carchi and ongoing support to provide the provincial government in business expansion in several renowned fairs in the country, which is why this drink every day adds more followers; so essential to provide creative tools for expansion and growth, until reaching considered as a product icon Carchi.

The package focuses on the cultural design forward the traditional visual connotation of the product to the consumer, being nice and friendly to the consumer, expressing culture, tradition and history and showing the culture of its people.

* Design a suitable packaging in which the craft liquor Tardón Mireno promoted.

* Generate the customer a greater desire to purchase the product “TARDÓN Mireno” a pleasant and convincingly.

* Create the incentive to buy through an attractive product, which is framed on the product concept and place.

The proposal is focused on the design of primary and secondary marketing for artisan liquor Tardón Mireno packaging.

Its function is to draw attention to the customer and generate the desire to purchase the product, the packaging reflect the identity of the product focused on the cultural context

Design concept
Steers used in the cantonal parties, belonging to various estates, farms and farms in the area, each beast is used for the celebration, it is considered heritage; between races adopted include: Coil osninia, Mallorca, Menorca, National Mocho, Rentita.

All these people revel in the spectacle of the bull made bomb in the central square.