Thread Paper Scissors – Book Binding Kit (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Swapna Patwardhan
Product Design Anjana Narayan
Project Type: Student Project
School: MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design
Location: Pune, India

We have compiled and packaged a book binding kit as book binding tools are not very easily available in Indian stores, one has to either hunt for them or order online separately. Information related to how to bind a book and all the book binding techniques is scattered all over the net. Wide range of tools are required for book binding. These tools are not easily available.

Thread paper scissors is a DIY book binding kit. The kit includes all tools and materials for book binding.

The Start Up Kit :
A kit for first time book binder’s! Contains all the required book binding tools and supplies for perfect binding and saddle stitch.

What’s in the box!
Tools : Papers for both binding techniques, instruction manuals for both binding techniques, cloth to cover, scale, cutter, binder clips, awl, needle set, finger cap, nylon thread, PVA glue, brush, bee wax, bone folder.

The Refill Kit :
A kit for binder’s who want to explore other types of binding techniques! Contains supplies for specific binding techniques.

What’s in the folder!
Papers for the specific binding technique, instruction manuals for the specific binding technique, cloth to cover/leather/hard cover/soft cover, thread, template for holes.

So, here you go..happy binding to you!

Brand : Paper Pickles, which sells custom DIY kits.

Brand attributes : Simple, book binding, do it yourself kit, handmade, stand out, crafts.

Nomenclature : Thread.Paper.Scissors :These are the tools required for book binding and the name also has the stone-paper-scissors ring to it-making it more fun!

Pictograms of thread, paper and scissors are shown in the logo to create visual synergy. The brackets are used to show bound together. Bright, contrasting colours are used to create emphasis and to make the product stand out when stacked. These colours give the structure an excellence shelf throw. Big bottom typeface normal font has a regular style. This font belongs to cartoon category; thus, bringing the fun quotient alive.

The box will be made of corrugated fiber boards which are versatile, economic, light and recycle-able. he liner is kraft paper which is stuck on either side of the flute. The outer liner paper is of 120 gsm, whereas the inner liner paper is of 80 gsm. Flute size of the board is 1.6 mm (E-flute).

Printing technique used for the box is offset lithography which is ideal for mass production printing. In this technique, the images on metal plates are transferred (offset) to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media. The main advantage of offset printing is it’s high and consistent image quality.

So, here you go..happy binding to you!

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