Hlibniy Dar Vodka



Design Agency: Allberry Brand Consultancy
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: National Vodka Company
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Materials: Glass

New design of vodka TM “Hlibniy Dar” range was developed by Allberry brand consultancy.

The new shape of the bottle, the design of labels and other accessories for the product line were created.

“Hlibniy Dar” is not only the flagship of the Ukrainian vodka market. This TM is one of the most famous and successful international brands.

To maintain such leadership the brand, of course, must vary in accordance with the changing trends and consumer expectations to argue and give a reason of the product prices increase – one of the features of the current period.

As a result of “Allberry” work “Hlibniy Dar” has got new design corresponding to the current status of the brand. The product began to look more weighty and expensive, more modern.

The new bottle shape has maintained continuity with the unique well-known distinctive and recognizable “Hlibniy Dar” shtof-bottle, but got a number of changes: become more masculine, received a clear and sharply defined shape. And now it looks larger than the old bottle.

New differentiating grain images – descriptors – together with laconic and “transparent” front labels design efficiently and clearly affirm the right of “Hlibniy Dar” be considered the leader of the territory of the most grain vodka.