Design Agency: Bunker Creative
Creative Director: Lawrence Hansford
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Puravits
Location: UK and Norway
Packaging Contents: Vitamin, Supplements
Packaging Materials: Plastic with Metallic Label Printing

Puravits is a new vitamin company, delivering a wide range of supplements direct to the customer’s door… through their letterbox in fact.

Bunker Creative were approached to build a brand for the new business. Tasked to create something impactful, dynamic and relevant in a very competitive marketplace, we got to work and started to research the industry thoroughly. Our findings found that products were mainly brand name focused rather than product focused (which was frustrating when looking for a certain type of vitamin). So we flipped it, we went product focussed… making it clear for the customer to see what they were looking at, with each pack having a bold colour and corner ‘accents’ to create consistency yet flexibility with the labelling.

What’s Unique?
The packing is full CMYK printed on silver metallic foil. Product focused, allowing colour and tone flexibility. Product is ‘flat’ so it can be sent through someone’s letterbox.