Apinya Krayasart Thai Snacks



Design Agency: Apsara
Photography: Hannah Ross
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Apinya Thai Food Co.
Location: Reston, VA, USA
Packaging Contents: Snack bites
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Apsara created on Apinya Thai Food Co.’s new line of snack packaging with a focus on conveying high quality and uniqueness. The stand-up pouch is printed with translucent inks so the white and red on the front is about 25% see-through; enough to get a hint of what’s inside, while the clear center shows the product in full. Both designer and client wanted to avoid any cliche of snack packaging like prominent display of the ingredient photos, large call outs to health claims, and third party certification logos. The solution was a simple reference to Thai culture, radiant patterns that are inspired by ceiling paintings from the Thai temple in the town where Apinya grew up. The two package colors compliment each other and represent the flavors more subtly than large images of fruits. The back of the bag takes advantage of a silver substrate by using 85% solid white ink for a shimmering effect and translucent red ink for a red metallic effect for the product name. The ingredients are listed in a much larger size than usual because the company is proud of the simple and natural content.

What’s Unique?
Translucent inks on the front show a hint of the product inside; on the bag they combine with the silver substrate for a shimmering white and metallic red effect.