Designer: Hugo Marques
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Original 1920
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Craft Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper

Black Mama is a special edition black IPA craft beer , created having in mind the holistic connection between the process of making the beer and the craft of designing the label for that beer, characterised by the belief that the parts are intimately interconnected and accounted only by reference to the whole .

What’s Unique?
Most craft beer packaging has no soul, no craft, a poor image diminishes the laborious process of making the beer , the pride the brewer has when selling the beer is not reflected in the label, and a label can say a lot, and there´s always a lot to say, stories and passion that stop after the beer is made, a good label gives that passion and stories a visual impact.

Black Mama says, yes this beer was crafted and there was work and thought behind it, people who like craft beer will understand and value it… cheers to that.