Caixeiro Olive Oil

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Art Photography / Art direction / Photography: Álvaro Martino
Packaging Content: Olive Oil
Location: Portugal

The company Soresa contacted me to develop a series of photographs, with a image of flavors and a contemporary dynamic, of its latest product, “Olive Oil Caixeiro“.

Sharing the same basis, the passion for the craft that we perform and that builds our history, adds to the will to exploring eagerly the thrill of every element, perspective and potentialities that this product entails.
Challenged to see how this bottle of contained lines and shy look but distinct size combines the absence of paper on the label with the glass color. Interested to experience the environment, now bottle solo, proud of its precious contents, now in orchestra, of potential combinations of living flavors.

The photograph construction can establish parallel with the process of creating an olive oil. The sequence of steps. The method. The accuracy. The careful choice of the elements. The photography, as it becomes an increasingly personal experience should inspire and broaden the spectrum of experience that each individual can acquire with the taste of the olive oil, whether pure or as a complement.