Hoseo University Student Projects 2016



Every month, many readers tell us how they are inspired by our student project features. For the past few weeks, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of submissions from the visual communication design students of Hoseo University in Seoul, South Korea. You do not need to be a K-pop fan to be enjoying these Korean packaging projects.

Moongs by Lee seul-ji

Packaging Contents: Knitting yarn

This product is an organic grain wool for sensitive skin. I named it ‘Moongs’ which means tufts of fur in Korean.

I structured knitting pattern in order to present to grain seep into wool as a graphic motive. Also, I put every different kind of wool on it in order to be seen as a set with grain illustration background. Knitting pattern is used to show that it is based on grain at the upper part and you can easily recognize what grain is used for the shape

Floeat by Jimin Ahn

Floeat, Making feel fresh at your table

With showy colors and fantastic scent,flowers which always raise our pulse rates are poetic, emotional and romatic. We can get pleasure when we look at them.

And what’s more, there are several edible flowers.

Floeat is a mixed word using Flower and Eat which means “Eat Flowers” and composed of 4 types with different colors and flavors; Red Pansy, Yellow Marigold, Purple Viola and White Margaret.

You can raise these flowers which have various visual and gustatory sensation by yourselves at home and garnish with salads for your more varied meals at home.

Floeat was made for people who need Eco-friendly well-being or growing single house hold.

Floeat package shows flowers and salads with refreshing life force and to come into flowers at your tables effectively.

Herbro by Seo Hyeon Lim
Packaging Contents: Health Food

This is a ‘personally grown herb package design’ with the theme of herb and it consists of four types including chamomile, lavender, jasmine, and peppermint. There are seeds and soil in the flowerpot so users can personally grow and eat the herb by just watering it. ‘Herbro’ was used as the logo type by combining herb and grow. First project, patterns that characterize each herb were applied so it looks organized yet gives off a vital and bright impression. Moreover, soil texture was applied on the cover of the flowerpot so that it can be identified as a glance that it is a personally grown herb when it is observed. Second project, Gradation effect was used for the graphics as if herb scent is given off in order to express it naturally and actual image of a herb is set up as the background to provide a gentle illustration effect where it seems like real herb leaves. And a flexible type of flowerpot is used so that the size of the flowerpot can be expanded if the herb grows. For the shape, shapes of leaves were used for the design in accordance to each shape of the herb and it was formed into a package that can be carried. Colors yellow, green, purple, and blue were used for each of the herb flowers or leaves.

BEBEGREEN by Oh sehee
Packaging Contents: Baby clothes

It is BEBEGREEN, a baby underwear brand made of organic vegetable ingredients.

BEBEGREEN is the most pure type of baby clothes brand provided by the nature for babies aged 0~2 with sensitive skin.

For the font of the logo used for the package, natural handwriting font was used to show that it is the package of organic clothes products.

Additionally, the color of the vegetable used for each product was applied for the font color to express it in a consistent manner. For the package box, bias quadrangle was used to express in a simple manner and it was produced so that all the front side of the box lid can be covered to heighten the degree of safety.

In case of the graphics, holes were penetrated on the outer side with the shapes of each clothes and in the inside, vegetables used for each clothes were drawn naturally.

It was designed in a way so that colors of the vegetables can be shown through the penetrated clothes shapes to enable the vegetables that made up the clothes to be identified.

Veryshe by Son Yae-lyn
Packaging Contents: Beauty, Cosmetics, Skin care, Organic, Natural, Fruits, Edible

This brand is a natural edible cosmetic brand called ‘Veryshe,’ which goes by the title ‘makeup that I can eat.’ These days, inner beauty, where skin condition is taken care of through eating habit and lifestyle instead of artificial and temporary ways, is emerging. I gained an idea from this and created ‘Veryshe’ brand where it can both be applied and eaten. I used soft calligraphy font for the logo in order to show the soft impression of the makeup and I exerted a special design point with natural leaves and flowers for the design. In case of the shape of the outer box, I got the motif from a piece of fruit and created a triangular form and for the container, I made it with wood in order to vitalize an impression of a natural material that came from nature. In case of the graphics, I created the background with the impression of watercolor spreading in order to make it seem like the makeup disperses throughout the body and I drew in fruit graphics fitting to the makeup.

sentir by YoonA Lee

This is a LED bulb with scents of herbs that are helpful for deep sleep such as ‘lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and valerian. This can be used while sleeping in place of scented candles since using fire can be dangerous.

The logo is ‘sentir’ by putting the terms ‘sensitivity’ and ‘air’ together as it means that regard was provided even for the air breathed in by the users. For each circular letter, a shape which reminds users of bulbs was used by adding pastel tone in order to give off a comfortable impression. The ‘S’ of ‘sentir’ was rotated around and used as a symbol to express how the scent spreads out.

First graphic motif, colors that expressed each of the herb was portrayed through gradation effect and the impression of the scent was applied on the pattern and penetrated in the middle to make it seem like the scent spreads out. The package was designed as a lamp so that it can be used as a night lamp when a socket is connected to the fixed bulb.

Second graphic motif, colors that give off the impression of each of the herb and actual images of the herb were used so that the bulbs portray vivid impression of actually purchasing herbs even though it is just a bulb scented with herbs. A shape, where the product can be seen when it is opened by the sides, was used to associate the image of how the scent spreads out widely.

Mushlog by Ki Kyeong Seon
Packaging Contents: Mushroom spawn

This is a mushroom package product that consumers can personally grow at home and use as food ingredients.

As people are becoming more interested about health, the importance of freshness and reliability of food ingredients are also getting bigger. The focus was placed on designing a product where consumers can personally grow food ingredients and satisfy their desires about the product.

A log, which is the environment where mushrooms grow, was designed as the motif. When four types of mushroom products are combined, then they form into a log and colors fitting for each mushroom in the black background was used to highlight the product.

As it is a product that is grown at home, importance was placed on creating a natural impression and natural graphic elements were added to a simple shape to create a luxurious sense so that interior effects can be expressed.

Onecook by Jeehye-choi
Packaging Contents: Korean food

This package is a camping food, Korean style soup. It is composed of two soup and two Jjigae(Korean traditional stew-like food). Fish soup, ham soup, Kimchijjigae, Doenjangjjigae. We can eat these anywhere. Whole concept of its design is ‘Fun Food’. We made patterned illustration about Jjigae’s ingredient, because we would like to show camping’s active impression. And the container is designed to be able to eat food immediately after opening. It is possible, because it is modeled on Ttukbaegi, Korean traditional stone container. This package’s greatest advantage is flexibility. We can eat soup in two ways. First, just pour hot water and eat. Second, we can boil it and eat. Logotype is ‘Onecook’, because of chef hat and instant food. Logotype is made of color similar to Jjigae. We put image half on the top because we would like to show message that ‘you may cook half’. And we clearly put Jjigae’s image on the top.

Real eat by Lee Jinmi
Packaging Contents: Paints

‘Real eat’ is a paints package, which is eatable and harmless to humans, because it is made of fruits 100%.

Mothers worry about harmfulness of paints when children play with paints. Mothers must watch children playing with paints, because they are anxious about whether paints have a bad influence in children’s skin, or they enter children’s mouth. This design concept stresses that children can use this product safely, for getting rid of mothers’ worries.

First of all, The logo has a soft font that seems to be written with paints. The leaf shape is added to ‘e’ of alphabets to symbolize a fruit.

The logo is painted in green color that has natural fruit feelings. The package structure has a sliced fruit shape to make consumers recognize that this paints package is made of fruits what they cut and eat usually. The pump is to use paints conveniently. Also, there is a real photo of fruit in the front of the product. This makes consumers know what kind of fruit is used in making paints intuitively and trust the product. Lastly, the flow-down graphic shows that this product is a paints package.

Jucytok by So hyun, Park

This product is a toy for the development of children’s intelligence .

This product is made of environmentally friendly materials not out harmful substances to children . It has the advantage of being able to feel the original freshness and sweet fruit . Children , whether the play with this toy , learning , will friendship is firm .

This product is a package tailored to the line of sight of the children , is to increase the children’s interest in the fun with a variety of color characters . Children , you can enjoy the fun to play along with the friendly characters who.

Yamtory by Jo hye in

It is the design of a hangeul (Korean) vegetable block package that enables children to play and study safely. It is a hangeul block made of vegetables so it is not dangerous for children and they can enjoy plays and study with blocks and arouse attention so even children who hate vegetables can eat vegetable blocks. For the logo, ‘yam,’ which expresses eating sounds, and the meaning of edible language story were combined with a story and named as ‘Yamtory.’ Each letter was created into a character to make it suitable as a block package for children.

1. On the upper part of the package, vegetable shapes were drawn to clearly show which vegetable it is and when the package is lifted up from the vegetable character package, then hangeul blocks that are held in the mouth burst out. The mouth shapes of the vegetable characters provide two types of fun and the vegetable characters even open their mouth and express the image of learning hangeul.

2. When the package is pulled from the side, then hangeul characters hidden in each of the vegetable appear. This refers to hangeul characters that hold onto the vegetables. In addition, the package was created into ‘ㄱ,ㄴ,ㅁ’ hangeul shapes so the package box can be used for hangeul plays.

c乳 by Lee oh yeon

This is a cereal product, which is divided into two parts. The name is C乳, which means a mix of cereal and dairy products and ‘See you’. For branding, a thick and cute serif type is used and the whole is divided into yogurt and cereal. Also, all part of branding used soft curve looks like yogurt, As an one-point, the shape of cereal is expressed in each item to differentiate using various colors. For graphics, design elements extracted from triangle and curve are applied to express the divided items and soft yogurt. Also, the images of cereal and yogurt are used without colors to make it look real and express different tastes.

Inbloom by Kim sang woo

this is a bath treatment package design. expressing the scent and bubble gives a sensual and polishing meaningful design. the ingredient is form by solomon’s seal , lotus, wasong and citrus shell. the motivation of the design is bubble and as you can see the package brand identity the bath treatment is shown by releasing into the bath tub which blooms bubble or scent. the top label of structural packaging is made expressing bubble and the overall graphic is when releasing the bath treatment changes the shape which clearly shows the ingredients color point making it more beautiful and gives everyone’s attention about the design.