Chocovia and Beşler Nuts

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Arda Kaya
Client: Beşler Nuts
Location: Çorum, Turkey
Project Type: Commercial Work

Having been founded in 1991, in 2007 BEŞLER KURUYEMİŞ AŞ merged with KORKMAZLAR AŞ, that has been involved in production of roasted chickpea and its assortments for three generations, and gained one of the leading places in its sector.The company launched its production of chocolate dragees in 2011 along with its dried nuts and fruits assortments and R&D improvements and made its name in a number of countries in a short span of time.

We place considerable importance to R&D activities in our factory located in Isparta, Turkey and continue to provide new improvements in production of dried nuts and fruits and dragees. Having marked significant breakthroughs in terms of institutionalizing, the company has increased its production capacity thanks to its investment in high-tech facilities. Our company produces all nuts and dried fruits in its product groups as additive-free and in healthy environments.Our company always gives priority to high quality products and food safety, and it has ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 140001 and Halal Food certificates.

Placing great importance to production of high quality products and customer satisfaction, our company ensures hygiene and freshness in all products. Highly strict controls of ours in dried nuts and fruits as well as dragees production begin with the procurement of raw materials and continue until they reach customers thanks to our staff who are highly awake to importance of human health.Tracking new technologies closely and welcoming new approaches in the sector, or company continuously grows its range of products and never fails to invest in R&D activities.

Beşler Kuruyemiş factory site occupies 8200 m2 of indoor production and 22000 m2 of outdoor production area. Thanks to its strong distributor network and professional sales team all across Turkey, it provides direct service to the sales points. It reaches its consumers via all its national and local chain stores all over the country and distinguished sales points as a result of its extensive distribution network. Beşler Kuruyemiş serves its customers without making any concessions in its credibility and in the high quality of its products.