Manifesto 16

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Karen Daniela Castellanos Vásquez
Project Type: Student Project
School: Universidad de Monterrey
Course: 9th Semester
Tutor: Hisa Nimi
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Packaging Contents: Faux Fur Coat
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Silver metal paper, fabbriano paper, silver foil

Manifesto 16 is brand specialized on synthetic fur coats. The concept of the brand is to break the rules, to live a life in where it does not matter the colors of your clothes, they could be very extravagant or just common colors. What we want to promote is to show that using synthetic fur coats is a better option that using coats with animal skin. The main color of the brand is metallic silver with a pink, purple and light blue gradient. The package has been crafted in a way in which the coat could be displayed. Manifesto 16 is located in Pop-up Store.

What’s Unique?
This packaging is unique because use different kind of papers, the package is closed since you go and buy your faux fur coat, so the fur had never been tried for someone before. The combination of colors, the finishes and the coat makes a new view for the buyer. And it contains a hanger made specially for MANIFESTO 16.