Visual Exploration (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Evelin Dankó
Project Type: Student Project
Course: MA Degree
Location: Sopron, Hungary
Packaging Contents: Book Design

The Visual Exploration book is an up to date and complete overview of the climate change crisis. The book has very specific advice for how to address climate change in your own life.

This book is a real eye opener for everyone, in which you are faced with the often unspoken controversial dilemmas of our world. The graphic illustrations make these shocking global facts easy to comprehend visually, and add impact to the actual realities of the subject matter at hand.

Compelling information graphics, photographs, statements and typographic illustrations are used to emphasize the pressing issues and realities of our world today.

This revelatory book enumerates the most important issues facing our natural world by delivering information gleaned from the world’s most authoritative sources with visually arresting imagery that will shock and inspire the reader. Critically, this is a publication that takes a holistic view of the world and presents facts, not fiction, about the current state of our planet. From our rainforests and wetlands to our seas, oceans, agriculture, meat industry and so on.

A powerful visual manifesto highlighting the facts of the climate change written and designed by Evelin Dankó.

What’s Unique?
The book combines up-to-the-minute data about today’s most urgent ecological issues. Vibrantly illustrated, thought-provoking survey of the ecological state of our planet.