Ash & Ember – Pagan Soaps (Student Project)

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Designer: Designed by Alfie
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Materials: Recycled cardboard

I created the Ash & Ember soap range as a concept when studying at Graphic Design school. We were each given a specific demographic and product – mine being soap for pagans. I focused more on the wicca/witchcraft side of the demographic – emphasizing that the soaps are bound with a specific spell.

Eternal Soap is for a youthful glow and immortality. It was the first soap made in the range. It pictures Ra – the god of sun – travelling through the sky on his solar boat where he would fight a serpent and cry tears that created humans. The phoenix in this illustration represents protection – which facilitates immortality.

The two soaps created after this used elements from the original illustration. Protection soap helps in warding off bad energies and keeps you safe. Healing soap uses the snake from the illustration and when looked at in a skincare sense – represents healing and skin renewal (snake shedding skin). It cleanses the soul and invigorates the senses.

The name ‘Ash & Ember’ was inspired by the main ingredient in soap and how it was first discovered – Ash (which comes from ember). Animal/vegetable fats combined with ash is how soap was first discovered.