Diverum Premium Spices (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Krisztina Németh
Project Type: Student Project
Consultant: Andrea Brittnek
School: Budapest Metropolitan University
Course: Diploma thesis
Packaging Content: Spices
Location: Hungary

My concept is based on a fictional spice brand, which aims a user group, who loves the gastronomy and desires for new culinary delights with the usage of fresh and special spices.

Today’s problem is the spices mostly appear in coarsely ground consistence, while the usage of mortars allow to have high quality taste beside other grinding techniques. Thus the mortar mostly appears as a decoration than a frequently used kitchenware.This was the fact I wanted to change with a packaging and brand design to bring this great object closer to people again, which is an essential ingredient of regular and modern gastronomy equally. The concept is about giving healthy spices and herbs for the costumers in mortar-packaging that’s ecological and extended life allows reusing and reloading too. The packaging protects the aromas and spices’ essential oils at the same time, thereby the spice’s essences and flavours remain in a highest value for cooking.Important aspect was the logo’s optimal design, which associated with the mortar’s shape and creates a unit within the brand, which harmonize with the name ‘Diverum’ coming from the merged form of divinus and erum latin words. The brand’s determinative inspiration is from the nature and the organic life, which played a big role in the choosing process of colours and shapes. Thus the spices’ colours and stylized form was also important.